River Beauty
Chamerion latifolium

River Beauty (Chamerion latifolium) Other common names: River Beauty Willow Herb, Sweet Broad-leaved Willow Herb

Other scientific names: Chamaenerion latifolium, Epilobium latifolium

Family: Evening-primrose Family (Onagraceae)

Flowers: Summer;  Blue/Violet;  4 parts (petals)

Habitat: Fields and Open Areas, Limestone Barrens

Grows in Sun/Shade: Sun

Origin and Meaning of Names:
 Scientific Name: latifolium: broad-leaved

For more information visit: Ontario Wildflowers

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River Beauty (Chamerion latifolium) flowers

River Beauty flowers.
The photos on this page were taken at the northern tip of the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.

River Beauty (Chamerion latifolium) flowers

River Beauty (Chamerion latifolium) flowers

River Beauty (Chamerion latifolium)

River Beauty (Chamerion latifolium) leaves and plants

River Beauty plants showing their velvety leaves.

River Beauty (Chamerion latifolium) plant

A River Beauty plant, growing in gravel.

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