Plants - List of Species in
Peterson's Field Guide to Wildflowers

For your convenience you can view on this website photographs and additional information about species found in popular field guides and other books. Simply look up the species in the book listed here and click on the link. Please note that the common and scientific names used here may not be the same ones used in the book.

by Page Number
4. Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis)
4. Mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum)
10. White Trout Lily (Erythronium albidum)
10. Nodding Trillium (Trillium cernuum)
10. White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum)
12. Upright Bindweed (Calystegia spithamaea)
12. Hedge Bindweed (Calystegia sepium)
12. Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis)
14. Showy Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium reginae)
14. Small White Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium candidum)
16. White Fringed Orchid (Platanthera blephariglottis)
16. Prairie White Fringed Orchid (Platanthera leucophaea)
16. White Bog Orchid (Platanthera dilatata)
16. Large Round Leaf Orchid (Platanthera macrophylla)
18. Dwarf Rattlesnake Plantain (Goodyera repens)
18. Green-leaved Rattlesnake Plantain (Goodyera oblongifolia)
18. Wide-leaved Ladies' Tresses (Spiranthes lucida)
18. Hooded Ladies' Tresses (Spiranthes romanzoffiana)
18. Nodding Ladies' Tresses (Spiranthes cernua)
20. Round-leaved Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia)
20. Spatulate-leaved Sundew (Drosera intermedia)
20. Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora)
22. Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)
22. Sharp-lobed Hepatica (Anemone acutiloba)
22. Round-lobed Hepatica (Anemone americana)
22. Rue Anemone (Thalictrum thalictroides)
24. Canada Violet (Viola canadensis)
24. Pale Violet (Viola striata)
24. Kidney-leaved Violet (Viola renifolia)
24. Northern White Violet (Viola macloskeyi)
26. One-Flowered Pyrola (Moneses uniflora)
28. Three-toothed Cinquefoil (Sibbaldia tridentata)
28. White Avens (Geum canadense)
30. Canada Anemone (Anemone canadensis)
30. Wood Anemone (Anemone quinquefolia)
32. Carolina Spring Beauty (Claytonia caroliniana)
32. Narrow-leaved Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica)
34. White Campion (Silene latifolia)
38. Trailing Arbutus (Epigaea repens)
38. Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)
48. Bulb-bearing Water Hemlock (Cicuta bulbifera)
48. Wild Carrot (Daucus carota)
50. Honewort (Cryptotaenia canadensis)
52. Water Hemlock (Cicuta maculata)
52. Water Parsnip (Sium suave)
52. Sweet Cicely (Osmorhiza claytonii)
54. Red Baneberry (Actaea rubra)
54. White Baneberry (Actaea pachypoda)
54. Whorled Milkweed (Asclepias verticillata)
58. Foxglove Beardtongue (Penstemon digitalis)
58. Silverrod (Solidago bicolor)
58. Moth Mullein (Verbascum blattaria)
62. Seneca Snakeroot (Polygala senega)
66. Wild Leek (Allium tricoccum)
68. Enchanter's Nightshade (Circaea canadensis)
72. Poke Milkweed (Asclepias exaltata)
76. Wild Cucumber (Echinocystis lobata)
78. Catnip (Nepeta cataria)
84. Dame's Rocket (Hesperis matronalis)
94. Panicled Aster (Symphyotrichum lanceolatum)
94. Whorled Aster (Oclemena acuminata)
96. Flat-topped White Aster (Doellingeria umbellata)
96. Calico Aster (Symphyotrichum lateriflorum)
96. Heath Aster (Symphyotrichum ericoides)
96. Rush Aster (Symphyotrichum boreale)
96. Upland White Aster (Solidago ptarmicoides)
102. Indian Cucumber Root (Medeola virginiana)
102. Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum)
102. Yellow Clintonia (Clintonia borealis)
104. Large Yellow Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum var pubescens)
106. Moth Mullein (Verbascum blattaria)
106. Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)
114. Elecampane (Inula helenium)
120. Ragged Fringed Orchid (Platanthera lacera)
122. Common Bladderwort (Utricularia vulgaris)
122. Horned Bladderwort (Utricularia cornuta)
122. Flat-leaved Bladderwort (Utricularia intermedia)
122. Squawroot (Conopholis americana)
122. Pinesap (Hypopitys monotropa)
124. Cowwheat (Melampyrum lineare)
132. Cursed Crowfoot (Ranunculus sceleratus)
134. Common Cinquefoil (Potentilla simplex)
134. Shrubby Cinquefoil (Dasiphora fruticosa)
136. Yellow Avens (Geum aleppicum)
140. Fringed Loosestrife (Lysimachia ciliata)
140. Prairie Loosestrife (Lysimachia quadriflora)
140. Whorled Loosestrife (Lysimachia quadrifolia)
140. Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia terrestris)
142. Moth Mullein (Verbascum blattaria)
146. Downy Yellow Violet (Viola pubescens)
148. Barren Strawberry (Geum fragarioides)
184. Prairie Dock (Silphium terebinthinaceum)
190. Canada Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis)
190. Late Goldenrod (Solidago gigantea)
190. Tall Goldenrod (Solidago altissima)
192. Early Goldenrod (Solidago juncea)
192. Rough-stemmed Goldenrod (Solidago rugosa)
192. Sharp-leaved Goldenrod (Solidago arguta)
194. Bog Goldenrod (Solidago uliginosa)
194. Gray Goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis)
196. Rough-leaved Goldenrod (Solidago patula)
196. Zigzag Goldenrod (Solidago flexicaulis)
198. Seaside Goldenrod (Solidago sempervirens)
198. Showy Goldenrod (Solidago speciosa)
198. Stout Goldenrod (Solidago squarrosa)
200. Blue-stemmed Goldenrod (Solidago caesia)
200. Hairy Goldenrod (Solidago hispida)
202. Grass-leaved Goldenrod (Euthamia graminifolia)
202. Ohio Goldenrod (Solidago ohioensis)
202. Stiff-leaved Goldenrod (Solidago rigida)
208. Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa)
212. Showy Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium reginae)
212. Pink Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium acaule)
212. Ram's Head Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium arietinum)
212. Red Trillium (Trillium erectum)
212. Painted Trillium (Trillium undulatum)
214. Fringed Polygala (Polygaloides paucifolia)
214. Arethusa (Arethusa bulbosa)
214. Rose Pogonia (Pogonia ophioglossoides)
214. Calypso (Calypso bulbosa)
214. Grass Pink (Calopogon tuberosus)
224. Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)
224. Smaller Purple Fringed Orchid (Platanthera psycodes)
226. Dame's Rocket (Hesperis matronalis)
232. Round-leaved Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia)
232. Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora)
232. Pinesap (Hypopitys monotropa)
234. One-Flowered Pyrola (Moneses uniflora)
236. Trailing Arbutus (Epigaea repens)
238. Sharp-lobed Hepatica (Anemone acutiloba)
238. Round-lobed Hepatica (Anemone americana)
238. Carolina Spring Beauty (Claytonia caroliniana)
238. Narrow-leaved Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica)
240. Red Trillium (Trillium erectum)
240. Painted Trillium (Trillium undulatum)
240. White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum)
242. Smaller Purple Fringed Orchid (Platanthera psycodes)
242. Striped Coralroot (Corallorhiza striata)
244. Fringed Polygala (Polygaloides paucifolia)
254. Hedge Bindweed (Calystegia sepium)
254. Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis)
262. Water Avens (Geum rivale)
266. Red Campion (Lychnis dioica)
268. Hairy Beardtongue (Penstemon hirsutus)
288. Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)
288. Swamp Loosestrife (Decodon verticillatus)
294. Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)
294. Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata)
308. New England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae)
318. Marsh Blue Violet (Viola cucullata)
320. Narrow-leaved Gentian (Gentiana linearis)
320. Smaller Fringed Gentian (Gentianopsis virgata)
326. Common Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium montanum)
326. Slender Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium mucronatum)
326. Round-lobed Hepatica (Anemone americana)
328. Dog Violet (Viola conspersa)
328. Long-spurred Violet (Viola rostrata)
328. Sand Violet (Viola adunca)
330. Marsh Blue Violet (Viola cucullata)
330. Northern Bog Violet (Viola nephrophylla)
344. Hairy Beardtongue (Penstemon hirsutus)
350. Catnip (Nepeta cataria)
354. Arrow-leaved Aster (Symphyotrichum urophyllum)
354. Azure Aster (Symphyotrichum oolentangiense)
354. Heart-leaved Aster (Symphyotrichum cordifolium)
354. Large-leaved Aster (Eurybia macrophylla)
356. Purple-stemmed Aster (Symphyotrichum puniceum)
356. Smooth Aster (Symphyotrichum laeve)
356. New England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae)
360. Rush Aster (Symphyotrichum boreale)
366. Green Violet (Hybanthus concolor)
368. Skunk Cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus)
370. Yellow Clintonia (Clintonia borealis)
372. Helleborine (Epipactis helleborine)
372. Ragged Fringed Orchid (Platanthera lacera)
372. Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)
380. Greater Water Dock (Rumex britannica)
380. Eurasian Black Bindweed (Fallopia convolvulus)
388. Skunk Cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus)
390. Orange-fruited Horse Gentian (Triosteum aurantiacum)
390. Black Swallowwort (Cynanchum louiseae)
392. Squawroot (Conopholis americana)
392. Pinesap (Hypopitys monotropa)

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