Plants with Five Flower Parts (Petals)

This is a list of species found on this site with Five Flower Parts (Petals), in order by the Common Name that is used for each species on this site.
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Irregular    2 petals    3 petals    4 petals    5 petals    6 petals    7 or more    Indistinguishable

The number of petals a flower has can be an important key to identifying the flower. Newcombe's Wildflower Guide is based on this concept.
An important thing to remember about this concept is that the "number of petals" represents the number of apparent petals. This is not necessarily the botanically-correct number of petals. Oftentimes what appear to be petals are actually sepals or bracts. It is an aid to identification, not a botanical classification.

Irregular    2 petals    3 petals    4 petals    5 petals    6 petals    7 or more    Indistinguishable



Agrimony (Agrimonia gryposepala)
(Agrimonia gryposepala)
Agrimony, Small-flowered (Agrimonia parviflora)
Agrimony, Small-flowered
(Agrimonia parviflora)
Alexanders, Golden (Zizia aurea)
Alexanders, Golden
(Zizia aurea)
Anemone, Canada (Anemone canadensis)
Anemone, Canada
(Anemone canadensis)
Anemone, Long-fruited (Anemone cylindrica)
Anemone, Long-fruited
(Anemone cylindrica)
Anemone, Small-flowered (Anemone parviflora)
Anemone, Small-flowered
(Anemone parviflora)
Anemone, Wood (Anemone quinquefolia)
Anemone, Wood
(Anemone quinquefolia)
Angelica, Great (Angelica atropurpurea)
Angelica, Great
(Angelica atropurpurea)
Aniseroot (Osmorhiza longistylis)
(Osmorhiza longistylis)
Apple, Common (Malus pumila)
Apple, Common
(Malus pumila)
Arrowwood, Smooth (Viburnum recognitum)
Arrowwood, Smooth
(Viburnum recognitum)
Avens, Catlings (Geum X catlingii)
Avens, Catlings
(Geum X catlingii)
Avens, Spring (Geum vernum)
Avens, Spring
(Geum vernum)
Avens, Water (Geum rivale)
Avens, Water
(Geum rivale)
Avens, White (Geum canadense)
Avens, White
(Geum canadense)
Avens, Wood (Geum urbanum)
Avens, Wood
(Geum urbanum)
Avens, Yellow (Geum aleppicum)
Avens, Yellow
(Geum aleppicum)
Baked-apple Berry (Rubus chamaemorus)
Baked-apple Berry
(Rubus chamaemorus)
Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)
(Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)
Bellflower, Clustered (Campanula glomerata)
Bellflower, Clustered
(Campanula glomerata)
Bellflower, Creeping (Campanula rapunculoides)
Bellflower, Creeping
(Campanula rapunculoides)
Bellflower, Marsh (Campanula aparinoides)
Bellflower, Marsh
(Campanula aparinoides)
Bindweed, Eurasian Black (Fallopia convolvulus)
Bindweed, Eurasian Black
(Fallopia convolvulus)
Bindweed, Field (Convolvulus arvensis)
Bindweed, Field
(Convolvulus arvensis)
Bindweed, Hedge (Calystegia sepium)
Bindweed, Hedge
(Calystegia sepium)
Bistort, Alpine (Bistorta vivipara)
Bistort, Alpine
(Bistorta vivipara)
Bladdernut (Staphylea trifolia)
(Staphylea trifolia)
Bluebells, Northern (Mertensia paniculata)
Bluebells, Northern
(Mertensia paniculata)
Buckbean (Menyanthes trifoliata)
(Menyanthes trifoliata)
Buttercup, White Water (Ranunculus aquatilis)
Buttercup, White Water
(Ranunculus aquatilis)
Campion, Bladder (Silene vulgaris)
Campion, Bladder
(Silene vulgaris)
Campion, Red (Lychnis dioica)
Campion, Red
(Lychnis dioica)
Campion, White (Silene latifolia)
Campion, White
(Silene latifolia)
Cancerroot, One-flowered (Orobanche uniflora)
Cancerroot, One-flowered
(Orobanche uniflora)
Catchfly, Night-flowering (Silene noctiflora)
Catchfly, Night-flowering
(Silene noctiflora)
Centaury (Centaurium erythraea)
(Centaurium erythraea)
Chickweed, Field (Cerastium arvense)
Chickweed, Field
(Cerastium arvense)
Chickweed, Mouse-ear (Cerastium fontanum)
Chickweed, Mouse-ear
(Cerastium fontanum)
Cicely, Sweet (Osmorhiza claytonii)
Cicely, Sweet
(Osmorhiza claytonii)
Cinquefoil, Three-toothed (Sibbaldia tridentata)
Cinquefoil, Three-toothed
(Sibbaldia tridentata)
Cranesbill, Bicknell's (Geranium bicknellii)
Cranesbill, Bicknell's
(Geranium bicknellii)
Crowfoot, Bristly (Ranunculus pensylvanicus)
Crowfoot, Bristly
(Ranunculus pensylvanicus)
Crowfoot, Cursed (Ranunculus sceleratus)
Crowfoot, Cursed
(Ranunculus sceleratus)
Crowfoot, Hooked (Ranunculus recurvatus)
Crowfoot, Hooked
(Ranunculus recurvatus)
Crowfoot, Small Yellow Water (Ranunculus gmelinii)
Crowfoot, Small Yellow Water
(Ranunculus gmelinii)
Crowfoot, Small-flowered (Ranunculus abortivus)
Crowfoot, Small-flowered
(Ranunculus abortivus)
Cucumber, One-seeded Bur (Sicyos angulatus)
Cucumber, One-seeded Bur
(Sicyos angulatus)
Currant, Northern Wild Black (Ribes hudsonianum)
Currant, Northern Wild Black
(Ribes hudsonianum)
Elderberry, Common (Sambucus nigra)
Elderberry, Common
(Sambucus nigra)
Geranium, Wild (Geranium maculatum)
Geranium, Wild
(Geranium maculatum)
Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)
(Panax quinquefolius)
Goldthread (Coptis trifolia)
(Coptis trifolia)
Grass-of-Parnassus (Parnassia glauca)
(Parnassia glauca)
Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia)
(Campanula rotundifolia)
Heather, False (Hudsonia tomentosa)
Heather, False
(Hudsonia tomentosa)
Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum)
Herb Robert
(Geranium robertianum)
Hercules' Club (Aralia elata)
Hercules' Club
(Aralia elata)
Hound's Tongue (Cynoglossum officinale)
Hound's Tongue
(Cynoglossum officinale)
Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora)
Indian Pipe
(Monotropa uniflora)
Ivy, Poison (Toxicodendron rydbergii)
Ivy, Poison
(Toxicodendron rydbergii)
Jointweed, Northern (Polygonum articulatum)
Jointweed, Northern
(Polygonum articulatum)
Juneberry, Mountain (Amelanchier bartramiana)
Juneberry, Mountain
(Amelanchier bartramiana)
Knotweed, Japanese (Fallopia japonica)
Knotweed, Japanese
(Fallopia japonica)
Leatherleaf (Chamaedaphne calyculata)
(Chamaedaphne calyculata)
Looking-glass, Venus's (Triodanis perfoliata)
Looking-glass, Venus's
(Triodanis perfoliata)
Marigold, Marsh (Caltha palustris)
Marigold, Marsh
(Caltha palustris)
Milkweed, Butterfly (Asclepias tuberosa)
Milkweed, Butterfly
(Asclepias tuberosa)
Pennyroyal, False (Trichostema brachiatum)
Pennyroyal, False
(Trichostema brachiatum)
Pimpernel, Yellow (Taenidia integerrima)
Pimpernel, Yellow
(Taenidia integerrima)
Pipsissewa (Chimaphila umbellata)
(Chimaphila umbellata)
Plum, Canada (Prunus nigra)
Plum, Canada
(Prunus nigra)
Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana)
(Phytolacca americana)
Purslane (Portulaca oleracea)
(Portulaca oleracea)
Pyrola, One-sided (Orthilia secunda)
Pyrola, One-sided
(Orthilia secunda)
Raspberry, Wild Red (Rubus idaeus)
Raspberry, Wild Red
(Rubus idaeus)
Rattlesnakeroot, Tall (Nabalus altissimus)
Rattlesnakeroot, Tall
(Nabalus altissimus)
Rose, Prairie (Rosa setigera)
Rose, Prairie
(Rosa setigera)
Rose, Prickly Wild (Rosa acicularis)
Rose, Prickly Wild
(Rosa acicularis)
Rose, Swamp (Rosa palustris)
Rose, Swamp
(Rosa palustris)
Sandwort, Rock (Sabulina michauxii)
Sandwort, Rock
(Sabulina michauxii)
Sandwort, Thyme-leaved (Arenaria serpyllifolia)
Sandwort, Thyme-leaved
(Arenaria serpyllifolia)
Saxifrage, Early (Micranthes virginiensis)
Saxifrage, Early
(Micranthes virginiensis)
Scilla (Scilla siberica)
(Scilla siberica)
Serviceberry, Downy (Amelanchier arborea)
Serviceberry, Downy
(Amelanchier arborea)
Serviceberry, Low (Amelanchier humilis)
Serviceberry, Low
(Amelanchier humilis)
Serviceberry, Smooth (Amelanchier laevis)
Serviceberry, Smooth
(Amelanchier laevis)
Serviceberry, Swamp (Amelanchier canadensis)
Serviceberry, Swamp
(Amelanchier canadensis)
Shinleaf (Pyrola elliptica)
(Pyrola elliptica)
Silverweed (Potentilla anserina)
(Potentilla anserina)
Snow in Summer (Cerastium tomentosum)
Snow in Summer
(Cerastium tomentosum)
Spring Beauty, Carolina (Claytonia caroliniana)
Spring Beauty, Carolina
(Claytonia caroliniana)
Spring Beauty, Narrow-leaved (Claytonia virginica)
Spring Beauty, Narrow-leaved
(Claytonia virginica)
Stonecrop, Mossy (Sedum acre)
Stonecrop, Mossy
(Sedum acre)
Strawberry, Barren (Geum fragarioides)
Strawberry, Barren
(Geum fragarioides)
Strawberry, Indian (Potentilla indica)
Strawberry, Indian
(Potentilla indica)
Strawberry, Wild (Fragaria virginiana)
Strawberry, Wild
(Fragaria virginiana)
Strawberry, Woodland (Fragaria vesca)
Strawberry, Woodland
(Fragaria vesca)
Sundew, Linear-leaved (Drosera linearis)
Sundew, Linear-leaved
(Drosera linearis)
Thimbleweed (Anemone virginiana)
(Anemone virginiana)
Tulip (Tulipa sylvestris)
(Tulipa sylvestris)
Twinflower (Linnaea borealis)
(Linnaea borealis)
Velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti)
(Abutilon theophrasti)
Waterleaf, Virginia (Hydrophyllum virginianum)
Waterleaf, Virginia
(Hydrophyllum virginianum)
Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
(Achillea millefolium)
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